Our Services

In-House Diagnostics

Our full service, in-house laboratory provides real time care with diagnostics capable of running CBC (complete blood counts), general chemistries, electrolytes, and an automated urinalysis. We offer centrifugation fecal testing which is considered the gold standard in diagnostic intestinal parasite detection. With this technology we are able to run pre-surgical blood work on the same day as the procedure. Having an in-house laboratory also helps our doctors to determine causes of illness safely and quickly. Another benefit is it allows our doctors to monitor the progress of medical treatments. We offer simple in-house cytology. When our doctors take samples from ears to skin to urine, they are able to identify the root of most problems and begin a treatment tailored to your pet’s needs. We are also partnered with Idexx Laboratories so most diagnostic tests that we do not run in-house are completed off-site and the results back to our doctors in as little as 24 hours. We also offer radiology diagnostics. In as little as 20 minutes we can have our x-ray films available to our doctors to assist in diagnosing your pet. Our hospital also has a diagnostic video scope used to assist the doctors in deep ear cleaning, assess the health of the tympanic membrane (more commonly called the ear drum), and medicate the middle ear with assurity that the medication is placed in the proper location. The diagnostic video scope can also be adapted to an endoscope allowing the doctor to see into small places and in some cases retrieve foreign materials or tissue samples for biopsy.