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Dental Services

At East Ridge Animal Hospital, we have the ability to thoroughly care for your pet’s teeth. We have one of the most advanced veterinary dental machines available for a complete cleaning and polishing of an animal’s teeth. The tartar and calculi that you see accumulating on your pet’s teeth is just part of the problem. In order to effectively treat dental disease, we need to clean below the gum line, in the periodontal pockets where bacteria grow. Our equipment makes this possible. We also have the capability to take special dental radiographs, much like a human dentist takes when you get your teeth cleaned. Dental radiography gives a view of the entire tooth structure, beyond what is visible to the human eye. It allows us to identify problems such as root abscesses, fractures, resorptive lesions, and many other problems that may not be apparent on the initial physical exam. If we find problems such as these, we can address them as needed.

This type of thorough dental care can only be done under general anesthesia, and we use modern anesthetic technology such as inhalant anesthesia and patient monitoring by multiple devices and personnel. We do offer full dental evaluations during our exams to assess the needs of your pet. Ask our staff to schedule your appointment today.

Ask us about Oravet. Oravet is a once daily chew that helps prevent plaque and tartar and decreases bad breath in dogs.