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Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine

Traditional Chinese veterinary medicine has been practiced for over 2000 years. Here at East Ridge Animal Hospital, Dr. Karen Knarr integrates TCVM with Western Veterinary Medicine. She hopes that this integration will bring a balance to the treatments offered to her patients and aid in their health and recovery.

Traditional Chinese veterinary medicine and Western veterinary medicine both have their strengths and weaknesses. While Western medicine deals best with acute diseases – focusing more on the symptoms, Traditional Chinese veterinary medicine can be more beneficial for chronic problems, identification of potential problems and prevention of disease through dietary modification and preventative therapies. TCVM can avoid some of the hazardous effects of Western medicine, but Western medicine is effective for many diseases and takes affect much faster. Through integration, one could potentially take advantage of the strengths from both schools of thought while minimizing the dangerous side effects.

Dr. Karen Knarr integrates Traditional Chinese veterinary medicine with Western treatments for a holistic and balanced approach. She uses acupuncture, herbal therapy and food therapy in combination or by themselves to treat many ailments. She is available on Mondays and Wednesdays and prefers appointments.

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