February is Pet Dental Month

Many pets suffer from periodontal disease. Symptoms include: not eating, drooling, bad smell from mouth,and swelling around mouth or eyes. The progression of periodontal disease is bacteria-plaque-tartar-gingivitis-gum recession-loss of teeth. Toy breeds of dogs seem more affected, but all breeds are susceptible. Cats tend to suffer from gingivitis and tooth reabsorption. Good dental care can prevent tooth loss. The best prevention is brushing your pet's teeth everyday , but please only use pet toothpaste. Human toothpaste is toxic to pets. Annual dental cleanings which involve ultrasonic cleaning, polishing, and fluoride can prevent tooth loss. Studies have shown that good dental care for your pet adds an average of three years to their life ( which is 15-20 human years). Chronic periodontal disease can lead to internal organ damage. This includes heart, liver,and kidney disease. The main reason that an American's life span has gone from 45 to nearly 80 in the last century is good dental care.

Karen Turner Knarr,DVM

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